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Big Profit Coming Soon to Denver Real Estate Market.

Posted by Haley Moran on Nov 29, 2016 12:09:40 AM

MoneyBug Soon to Help Homeowners Earn Huge Profit off Booming Denver Market,.

MoneyBug to Unveil New Office in Booming Denver Market,:

Tops National Studies for Real Estate 


The Denver real estate market is changing, and fast.

In the past, those of us who were not fortunate enough to travel to the Denver area would occasionally make acquaintance with a Denverite and comment on the weather or the all-important Broncos. But, what we didn’t know, is that the Denver of the past was a city of moderate importance, the Denver of today is a thriving metropolis and one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation.

Devern's Gold Rush has given way to the Silicon Rush.

It may have seemingly sprung up overnight, but the vibrant Denver economy we know today has been breaking records and prospering greatly for the past few years. The emergence of the tech industry and its fortuitous location as the “Gateway to the West” Denver has solidified the spread of its bounds past Silicon Valley, but we aren’t just talking about tech.

Well, Denver is called the "Wall Street of the West"

For two consecutive years, Denver has been ranked number one on Forbes’ list of the Best Places for Business and Careers, and for a good reason. The economy in Denver is soaring, and business is booming.Companies in energy, technology, aerospace, and healthcare are flocking here in droves, sometimes at a rate of 50 new residents a day.

With such remarkable population growth, the demand for available housing in Denver has left residents with sky-high housing prices and a limited supply of affordable, decent residential properties. Denver’s demand for affordable homes greatly exceeds available supply, and the market is still struggling to keep up. However, there is a silver lining.

Selling real estate in Denver: MoneyBug in the Mile High City.

MoneyBug has announced that they will be calling Denver home, and soon. In 2017, MoneyBug will unveil their first office in the state of Colorado, and bring their specialization of fast and fair home sales to residents of Denver. MoneyBug is also proud to know that, with our help, homeowners in Denver can benefit from the area market’s historic imbalance of supply and demand.  

All agents are specially trained to work with homeowners to sell their homes quickly, reasonably, and without hassle. We pride ourselves on promoting fair offers for your home, and always ensure that the seller is the one who benefits. There are no fees, no closing costs, and no commissions to pay. We truly believe  it’s your money, so you’ve earned the right to keep every bit of it.

MoneyBug can provide you with the money you need to downsize your house and move to the country. Or, selling your home can get the cash need to retire to that cabin in the mountains. MoneyBug will buy your home if you're required to relocate for your job and give you the money to fund the move. Or, perhaps you just need to pay off those piling medical bills or prevent foreclosure. For every hardship and stressful situation, we are specially trained to work with your whatever particular difficulty you may face and will do so with utmost care and understanding.

MoneyBug stands apart from existing market options and works fast to sell a home in as little as seven days, saving time and money. Even if a house is old or damaged, MoneyBug buys houses as-is, so there is no need to make repairs before the sale, saving even more time and money.  Residents of Denver will see first-hand the speed and simplicity of MoneyBug's buying process. A process that allows homeowners to he in control of their house, to have the ability to sell their house fast, or even take advantage of the rental market and rent their home to tenants.  An increased supply of available homes with meet market demand, and this, of course, is the key to lowering those sky-high lower market prices felt by Denverites.

MoneyBug has shown a knack for growth and innovation and has made a name for themselves in the real estate market. Through the promotion of fast and fair home purchases in which the homeowner benefits, MoneyBug has been able to knock out bigger competitors in the market and establish themselves in metro areas coast-to-coast.

"Pike's Peak: 2017!"

However, patience will prove to be a virtue. Only until MoneyBug unpacks their moving boxes and officially calls Denver their home in 2017, Denverites will just have to wait a little longer to work with such a reputable and genuine home buying company.

For those homeowners who are considering the sale of their home in Denver in the next coming months, well, the timing is practically perfect. In fact, there are those taking advantage of the current market in Denver, and, well, here's what the numbers have to say.

  • The Denver Office of Economic Development reports that 2.7 million people call Denver their home.
  • The area’s growth rate has consistently outpaced the national rate for decades.
  • By 2030, Metro Denver's population is expected to rise nearly 50 percent, and equal almost 3.9 million people.
  • Housing Demand Index: 117.4
  • Housing Demand Change (Year-over-year): 47.3% Increase
  • Median Home Value: $344,000
  • Home Value (Year-over-year): 10.4%
  • Home Value Forecast (September 2017): 3.9% Increase
  • Median Sale Price: $386,800
  • Sale Price Change (Year-over-year): 9.6% Increase
  • Home Sales (Year-over-year): 13.9%
  • Inventory Change (Year-over-year): 33.41% Decrease

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hile, here at New Westerm we are also looking forward to skiing our Aspen off, and touring Colorful Colorado for all it has to offer, 2017 will be our year.  Opportunity in Denver is coming , folks. Check back and subscribe to the Bug Blog to stay on top of all the latest MoneyBug news.

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You don't have to sell a home in Denver to Profit.

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Written by Haley Moran

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