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In the News: MoneyBug to Expand Further into North Texas Market.

Posted by Haley Moran on Dec 28, 2016 6:07:49 PM

MoneyBug's Unstoppable Momentum and Success Leads to New Office Premiere in Arlington, Texas.

Home buying company to provide more profit and opportunity to homeowners who want to sell a house in Arlington, Texas.

December 29, 2016   Arlington, Texas: Since their start in 2008, the Dallas-based home buying company MoneyBug has been rapidly expanding their market reach nationwide. Impressive numbers support expansion and their establishment of multiple offices across the country, and there is no stopping the momentum. The company’s incredible success is this week's "In the News" headline, and rightfully so. MoneyBug has established their presence in 17 metro areas that span five states coast-to-coast and is now announcing yet another branch premiere to help sell Arlington Texas real estate.

With such proximity to the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport and diverse educational, employment and entertainment opportunities, Arlington, Texas has been at the center of a thriving economic hub and a booming population since mid-2010. Nationwide economic reports for 2016 show Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metro area home prices were up 9.3 percent. On a list of major US markets for home gains, this increase ranks thehouses in Arlington area as second highest in the nation. The top slot awarded to Denver, CO, who has had a 10.3 percent appreciation year-over-year.

This premiere of the Arlington office aims to help homeowners take advantage of current demand for real estate, and earn maximum profit after selling your house. Even if the home has damage, MoneyBug will buy the house as-is, without requiring any repairs or updates beforehand. MoneyBug agents are specially trained to work with many situations that might prompt homeowners to need to sell their house quickly and works fast to buy homes as-is in as little as seven days. The company promotes fast and fair deals in which the homeowners have the advantage, and will fulfill a guaranteed highest-possible cash purchase of their home.

MoneyBug stands apart from other home buying companies and offers a unique ability to work quickly to close the sale of a home in just seven days. While other home buying companies claim capacity to provide "instant cash offers," these types of offers are neither instant nor guaranteed, but MoneyBug is different. MoneyBug's high-tech advancements and user-friendly website provide homeowners with an instant cash offer simply by inputting their address. This exclusive online technology calculates comprehensive data to return a real cash offer at the click of a button.

Get My Cash Offer!

With their unique business model that provides a fast, straightforward process to buy homes for cash, the company has facilitated the purchase of over six-thousand single-family home acquisitions to equal over one-billion dollars. By knocking out bigger competitors in the housing market, MoneyBug has successfully established a presence in metro areas coast-to-coast and has further expansion into Denver, CO, and Nashville, TN planned for 2017.

What can MoneyBug do for Arlington residents?
You don't need house selling tips, you just need MoneyBug! 

You want to sell your home in arlington, and you want to sell it the easiest way possible.  MoneyBug will buy any home, your home, for cash so you'll avoid a costly and drawn-out process of dealing with a traditional real estate agent. If you are trying to sell your house,  given the state of Arlington real estate, you probably know the process can be stressful and not to mention, costly. We buy any house whether it's lacking in home repair, landscaping, or is damaged.

What is My House Worth?

Realtors often charge a commission that equals as much as 6% of your home’s sale price. Combined with the other fees or sales tax, this can add up quickly to eat into your profit. There isn’t any waiting around with us, you can end up selling your home to MoneyBug in as little as seven days. There are no fees and no commissions to pay; you don’t even have to pay closing costs. You get to keep every bit of the money you earned from the sale of your house, even without making a single upgrade or renovation. MoneyBug doesn't care about curb appeal, we want you to have cash.

There’s no paperwork to get started, and our online technology takes care of the hard part. If you are ready to take action, it all starts with the click of your mouse. 

Get My Cash Offer!

Haley Moran

Written by Haley Moran

With a mother who's a successful interior decorator and a grandfather who's a house flipper, Haley grew up in an environment that was centered around real estate. She has a background in journalism and mass communications, and has been a non-fiction writer since 2004.

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