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In the News: MoneyBug Announces Holiday Contest for $1,000 Check.

Posted by Haley Moran on Nov 17, 2016 9:29:00 AM

MoneyBug Announces "Deck the Halls" Holiday Contest,  Will Gift One-thousand-dollar Prizes to Five Needy Families

MoneyBug Holiday Contest to Grant One-thousand-dollar Prizes to Five Needy Families

Homebuying company hopes to spread Christmastime cheer for families experiencing financial hardship, holiday contest calls for nominations

MoneyBug, a nationwide home buying and property acquisitions company, has announced they are giving away a heartwarming holiday gift to five families in need: a one-thousand-dollar prize to spend on bills, home repairs, gifts, or other areas of financial need. The “Deck the Halls Gift Event” is set to run until December 9, 2016, and MoneyBug is calling for nominations of needy families who may need a little extra holiday cheer.

In the spirit of the holidays, MoneyBug hopes to alleviate the financial stress for some families who are experiencing hardship this holiday. There are many reasons some may be in financial need this time of year, such as job loss or medical emergencies. By awarding five such families or individuals with a prize of $1,000, MoneyBug aims to help those who need it most have the happy, stress-free holiday they deserve.

Nominations should be submitted at the official MoneyBug “Deck the Halls Gift Event” website. Here, submission stories should explain the particular hardship of the nominee, and why the nominee to win the one-thousand-dollar prize. Entries may include photos, videos, an essay, or even a PowerPoint presentation. A specially appointed panel of judges will select five nominees as winners based on examples of deservedness.

This campaign is part of MoneyBug’s broad agenda to assist homeowners and communities become free of financial strain, and benefit from fast and fair home sales. The company cares about the well-being of homeowners, and they hope that the five nominees who receive the contest’s one-thousand dollars will enjoy a happy holiday that’s free of financial burden.

MoneyBug buys houses through a business model that specializes in helping homeowners. Often, homeowners who need to sell their home quickly due to some particular distress, such as debt or foreclosure, don't have time to deal with MLS listings or traditional realtors. With MoneyBug, they can profit from the sale of their house due to a process that is as fast and straightforward as possible. The representatives of MoneyBug are specially trained to work with homeowners' particular situation and fulfill a highest-possible cash purchase of their home. Even if the home has damage, MoneyBug will buy the house as-is, saving the homeowner time and money by not requiring any repairs be made before the sale.

The purchase promotes fair deals where the homeowner has the advantage, and in fact shows benefit across the board. The property is renovated and resold after MoneyBug's acquisition, and this results in nicer neighborhoods that have appreciated in their value. This type of appreciation leads to a higher tax revenue for the county, and a higher revenue will ultimately bring better schools, roads, and city resources along with it.

Since MoneyBug’s founding in 2008, the Dallas-based company has expanded nationwide and, thanks to the utilization of cutting-edge technology that stands out within the realm of real estate, they have facilitated the purchase of enough homes to equal over one-billion dollars in acquisitions. To date, they are the only company of their kind to release patent-pending technology that provides a real cash offer instantly, just by typing in the homeowner's address. 

Know someone who's having a tough time?

Nominate them to win a $1,000 prize from MoneyBug, and they could receive an extra happy holiday!

The holidays are all about giving and spreading good will toward our fellow man. Here at MoneyBug, we know that everyone can go through hard times and bills are one unwelcome guest at holiday gatherings. 

That's why we are choosing five deserving families to receive $1,000 to help with bills, home repairs, gifts, or whatever else they may need! Perhaps you know of someone who is going through a rough spot; maybe you know someone who just lost their job or are experiencing health issues, it's possible you could even be going through some trying times, yourself. Everyone deserves a heartwarming holiday, and MoneyBug wants to help.

Whether you choose to nominate yourself or someone else, share the name of your nomination along with their story and why you think they deserve to win. Five entries will be chosen to receive a holiday miracle in the form of a $1,000 check! 

You can enter through our official contest site HERE or click the button at the bottom. Don't forget to read the official rules and requirements, too!  Nominations will close on December 9th, 2016. So, help us warm some hearts this holiday and share your nomination today!

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