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The Numbers behind the Ft. Worth Housing Crisis.

Posted by Haley Moran on Dec 12, 2016 8:39:20 AM

Benefit from market demand. MoneyBug is the key to sell your house in Fort Worth fast.

Nation-topping numbers equal top dollar payouts.

Economic reports indicate a tight housing market right now in Fort Worth, and, statewide it seems to be the same story. We recently shared the publication of nationwide data that reflects rising rental prices and explained how homeowners like you could greatly benefit with the sale of their home. In line with this situation, Fort Worth also sees their fair share of stressed housing supply, and time is of the essence for homeowners who want to take advantage.

According to CareLogic and the Dallas Morning News, Dallas-Fort Worth home prices have risen nearly 10 percent compared to prices recorded Summer 2016 while the nationwide average only came to 6.2 percent. This price appreciation does have a silver lining, though, and is indicative of a full recovery of the housing market. Prices like these have not been seen since pre-recession America 2007, and they are projected to keep rising at a steady pace. Prices in North Texas have increased almost 40 percent since the recession and are still growing at more than twice the traditional annual appreciation rates.

Fort Worth (1).jpg

The Data on Fort Worth Real Estate

Market Health Index: 9.8/10 Very Healthy 

Home Value Forecast (September 2017): 6.1% Increase 

Inventory Change (Year-over-year): 13.1% Decrease 

 Fort Worth Population Data:

Population in 2016: 4,718,900

Projected Population in 2030: 35.51% Growth

Median Household Income: $61,510

Income Per Capita: $28,555

Cost of Living Compared to U.S. Average: 8.4% Above

 Fort Worth Market Data:

Home Value (Year-over-year): 11.9% Increase

Home Sales (Year-over-year): 16.2% Increase

Home Value Forecast (September 2017): 6.1% Increase

Inventory Change (Year-over-year): 13.1% Decrease


Median Home Value: $196,200

Median Home Price: $189,000

Average Home Price Per Square Ft. (Metro):  $122

Home Price Change (Year-over-year):15% Increase


Median Rent Price: $1,550

Rental Price Change (Year-over-year): 4% Increase

Average Rent Per Square Ft.: $0.91


Noteworthy Numbers

766 - The population density of the Fort Worth-Fort Worth Metro (amount people per square mile).

2.79 - The average number of individuals per household.

18% - The number of the population who have children, but are single.

38% - The number of the population who are married, and have kids.



Keep your money. You’ve earned it.

To help homeowners take advantage of the current market, MoneyBug is prepared to offer speed and efficiency in the sale of Fort Worth homes. Instead of a costly and drawn-out process of dealing with a traditional real estate agent, MoneyBug will buy your house in Fort Worth fast, often in as little as seven days. There are no fees and no commissions to pay; you don’t even have to pay closing costs. You get to keep every bit of the money you earned from the sale of your house, you deserved it.

MoneyBug also gives homeowners the ability to sell their house in Fort Worth as-is. MoneyBug will buy houses even if they are old or damaged, and will still pay the highest possible amount of cash for the sale. There is no need to make repairs or updates to the property, and MoneyBug will buy your Fort Worth home even if it is being foreclosed, or has been damaged by floodwater, fire, or any other unfortunate circumstances. Most real estate agents will not work with a home that needs work to be done, but MoneyBug is different. We will work with you and treat your particular situation with care.

The benefits of MoneyBug are obvious.

If you are trying to sell your house in Fort Worth, you probably know the process can be stressful, and, not to mention, expensive. Realtors often charge a commission that equals as much as 6% of your home’s sale price. Combined with the other fees or sales tax, this can add up quickly to eat into your profit. The market is demanding more affordable homes, and the situation is set to benefit you. Take advantage of the here-and-now with MoneyBug. There isn’t any waiting around with us.

If you are ready to take action, it all starts with the click of your mouse. Get a real cash offer for your house in Fort Worth just by typing in your address. There’s no paperwork to get started, and our online technology takes care of the hard part. Your offer is backed by a Highest Offer Guarantee, so you can be sure you are getting the highest possible cash amount for the sale of your Fort Worth home. Are you ready? Sell your house in Fort Worth fast, get started here.

Don't Fix It, Sell It!

Haley Moran

Written by Haley Moran

With a mother who's a successful interior decorator and a grandfather who's a house flipper, Haley grew up in an environment that was centered around real estate. She has a background in journalism and mass communications, and has been a non-fiction writer since 2004.

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