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How we help: Selling your house has never been easier!

We will buy your house ASAP and in any condition!

When you want to know what we will pay for your house just enter your houses property details and you will have a real cash offer in 24 hours. No obligation, no hassle and no stress, just real numbers real fast. 

In today’s market, selling a home can be challenging and stressful. Especially if the house needs repairs or needs to sell fast due to extenuating circumstances. With MoneyBug, you won’t have to deal with things such as financing contingencies, unqualified buyers and low appraisals. We offer the easiest way to sell your house. 

Turn a nightmare into a dream

If you have ever sold a home, you can relate to how each process can feel like a nightmare you just cannot wake from. Between watching the clock and having strangers pour in and out of your home to view it, the stress from selling a home can be monumental. Let us turn that nightmare into a dream!

Our expert agents have helped thousands of homeowners since we began in 2008, to sell their home with a fast, easy and stress-free process.

What to expect

When working with a MoneyBug agent, you can expect outstanding support and communication as well as an expert understanding of the home selling and buying process. Our agents are understanding of all reasons that you might be selling your home and are here to help. 

It’s simple

Fill out the cash offer form and receive  your offer with in 24 hours. If you accept, a MoneyBug agent will meet with you at your property to finalize the deal and that is it. No costly repairs needed!

Why sell my house to MoneyBug?

Move into a new home and sell your old one
Don't fix your house, sell it.


 True Benefits: 

  •  No Real Estate Commissions
  • Fast and Fair Offers
  • No closing costs for you
  • Close in just 7 days
  • Flexibility for your situation

Ok, I have heard enough.

I'm ready to Sell My House!


Get My Cash Offer!