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Get Cash for Your Houston ClearLake Home

Sell my Houston Clearlake Home
1560 West Bay Area Blvd
Friendswood, TX 77546
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Sell your house in Houston today!

Located in southeast Harris County, Texas, Clear Lake is nestled in the Bay Area of Greater Houston. As the second-largest community in Houston, Clear Lake has a close proximity to NASA's Johnson Space Center, as well as other major aerospace companies like Boeing and Lockheed-Martin. With such strong ties to the engineering, aerospace, and biochemistry sectors, the community naturally has strong economy, and new residents are moving to the area to take advantage.

With such a strong economy, and a steady rise in population, those who own homes in the Clear Lake area are set to benefit greatly. If you want to sell your house fast in Clear Lake without dealing with the drawn out and expensive process of listing with a realtor, MoneyBug is here to help. Even if you home has flood damage, MoneyBug does not require any repairs be made before the sale! MoneyBug will buy your house no matter what sort of situation you are in, and we will even buy your house if it is damaged or being foreclosed.

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