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Testimonials - We Bought their House

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We at MoneyBug truly love helping someone get the money they need, when they need it. Take a look at what some of our past customers had to say about their experience. 
"When I inherited the house from my uncle I couldn't believe how much work needed to be done. With out having the time or money to fix it, I put my address in moneybug.com and got a cash offer. The representative who came out was amazing! We finalized everything that day and the next week the house was sold with out having to do any work on it. Thank you MoneyBug!"

-Jessica Mully , Dallas, TX


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"My wife and I moved to Houston with out having sold our first house in Springfield. So we rented it out for about a year. Being a landlord 650 miles away is a nightmare! Once we had enough I got in touch with MoneyBug and they bought our house in 10 days. The price was great and the agent we worked with was fair and honest. "

-Scott McAllen, Houston, TX

"Once we decided to retire it was time to sell our rental houses. We had multiple people interested in buying them but everyone wanted to purchase only one at a time and there was always some sort of financing involved in the offer. We decided to sell to Moneybug because they bought all three at the same time and closed in under 2 weeks."

-Kelly Hourt, Bridgeport, PA

"5 stars, excellent service, very professional and would recommend this company."

-Tracy George, Atlanta, GA

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