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"Help! I need to sell my house fast, for cash!"


This is your time

We are here for you, on your schedule, whether you need to take your time or close right away.



Keep your money

You never have to pay commissions to MoneyBug agents for buying your home. That's your money.



Be stress free

Our buying process is easy, because you already have enough on your plate to think about.



Don't fix it. Sell it.

Don't worry about fixing the house. We will buy it "as-is" so you can get on to better things, faster. 


highest cash offer on your home

Do you need to sell your home fast? 

Do you want to get the best offer possible?


MoneyBug helps homeowners just like you, by buying homes with cash and closing as quickly as you need. No Realtors, no listings, no need to spend money on repairs, just simple stress-free cash for your home in seven days.


We will buy your forclosure so you can get back on your feet again.

Sick of being a Landlord?

We will buy your rental.

Not sure what to do with inherited property? We will buy your house with no repairs needed.